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Sovereign Order of Knights Templar

The spiritual father of the Knights Templar is St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the Templar tradition struggle so priestly, military and caballeros not a concept: "The establishment of a civilization dedicated to the glory of God and his harmony with nature”.

A sergeant or master Templar Knight understands that there is one God, creator and generator of all existence and nonexistence in the universe, an eternal truth and a divine purpose. Therefore it is implied that the real existence and the historical foundations of the Order are main objects:

1. - To fight against materialism, impiety, ignorance and tyranny in the world.

2. - To defend the sanctity and divinity of the individual.

3. - To affirm the spiritual foundation of human existence beyond their soul.

A great goal, but the Chevalier is a free choice and therefore "holy is the choice of a horse"

It is the duty of every Knight Templar prepared and equipped to sustain itself and defend life even with those fundamental beliefs.

The crisis facing humanity today are calling for a Crusade more important than any that has faced the Order in the past, and therefore it is necessary to channel the spiritual as well as military work of the Order to bring such a physical and ideological battle challenges us to defend the universal truth.

Based on these principles, the Knights Templar recognizes all human beings as children of God, without regard to race or gender and has the right to seek their material and spiritual development in conditions of dignity, of economic security and equal opportunity, being a gentleman's duty, to defend at all costs.

The Order supports freedom of expression, conscience and religion; collective and personal protection, and measures to eradicate poverty and injustice that threaten world peace.

The Order understands that the happiness and dignity not only depend on the physical but of things in which people will be able to take a lively interest and depth beyond their own private lives.

The Order believes in clear policies and practices, with those that ensure decent housing, health care, encouraging everyone to have the opportunity to live a full and active life, being able to develop their natural talents untapped or denigrate the very essence of the human life.

The Order promotes patriotism and nationalism, expressed pride to the land itself and its achievements and recognition of the rightful place among nations and their duties to humanity, however, the Knights Templar, has taken a position that all human beings have the right to live wherever they want and the ideal that borders should not exist except as a political mechanism of self defense the interests of each nation and control and not humanitarian.

He understands that education is probably the most important responsibility with those responsible for the administration to provide adequate training to our future civilizations and that must be given to the society as a fair election, without compromising the ability of individuals to reflect and decide on their activities are professional or trade.

While education determines the future of civilization, the Order calls for militant action line but without sectarianism, to guide the achievement of objectives in all these important aspects.

Future Knight, this will be your CODE

• Those who are soldiers are soldiers of God Temple. As such must always walk with God and be more than mere mortals. • Should behave with humility and be the most honorable, the noblest, the most polite, the most honest and the most gentlemanly.

• The Templar must serve the Order and not expect to be served by it. That what you do to work in service of God and others without expecting reward.

• The Templar must not cause injury or harm any living creature, be it a human or another, whether for profit, pleasure or vanity. Instead, the Templar should try to bring justice to those who do not receive it because we are all children of the same creator.

• First of all beings the Templar must demonstrate sportsmanship, courtesy and honesty.

• A Templar should live each day as a critic of the previous day, so each new dawn will be a step towards greater nobility.

• No Templar shall offend in any way a person or another being. For all the Templar should be an example of chivalry.

• No woman should fear anything from a Templar, or his words or his actions. No child should suffer any such fear. No man, no matter how tough it must be afraid of a Templar.

• Where there is weakness there the Templar should keep its strength. Where there is no voice there the Templar should keep his. Where the poorest there are the Templar must distribute their generosity.

• A soldier of the temple can not be enslaved by narrow sectarian beliefs or opinions. God is truth and no truth without God.

• A Templar should never dishonor to a much less his master, because such conduct will disgrace him and his own principles.

In his conduct Templar

* Not to be brutal.

* Not to be drunk in an offensive way.

* It must be neither immoral nor amoral.

* Not to be cowardly and bestial.

* You must not lie or have malicious intent.

* You must not seek positions within the Order aggrandizement. Be content with those seats it is best entrusted to serve.

* You should not judge anyone inside or outside the Order by their possessions or social position. Rather be judged by the character and the goodness or lack thereof.

* You must express true submission to the principles of the Temple and obedience to your teachers and initiators.

* Must be a true patriot to the land God has given you.

* Do not hunt any creature or out of vanity or sport.

* You must not kill any creature except for food or in self defense.

* You must be firm and true in the just cause of God.

* Do not take the offensive against any man for the way they are addressed to God, but this is different or strange. Rather the Templar should try to understand how others are approaching God.

* You must always be aware of who is a soldier of the Temple and always treat their works to be an example for others.



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